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Beeswax Paste
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Beeswax Paste (beeswax paste wax): 

Art du Coco Beeswax Paste is handmade in small batches using a high quality concentration of pure beeswax in a paste. Our Beeswax Paste is low odor and particularly suited for reproducing the much desired and revered classic beeswax finish on wood, wood furniture, architectural details, decorotive walls, objects or any finished or unfinished wood surface. Art du Coco Beeswax Paste provides an additional layer of beewax protection to most surfaces, particularly wood surfaces, nourishing and helping to protect against dryness. Art du Coco Beeswax Paste is an excellent choice for maintaining antiques on a regular basis and our Beeswax Paste formula makes it very easy to apply, buff and maintain. Beeswax Paste is perfect for wood surfaces, especially absorbent woods like pine and oak. 

How To Use:

Apply Beeswax Paste to wood surface using a soft cloth, fine steel wool and/or paste wax brush. Allow to dry. Drying time will be determined by environmental conditions such as heat, cold and humidity. After Beeswax Paste has dried, buff with a clean soft cloth and/or brush. Buffing with a hand brush is helpful prior to buffing with a cloth. Using a drill brush will expedite the buffing process. Additional coats of Beeswax Paste may be required on particularly dry woods. If necessary, remove old wax and polish with Furniture Wax & Polish Remover.

How To Maintain:

Dust and buff with a clean soft cloth or hand duster. Apply a fresh coat of beeswax paste as needed. For additional wax protection, particularly table tops, we recommend the all-natural furniture polish, Maintenance Wax Patina Protector for regular maintenance. Maintenance Wax Patina Protector is the best product on the market recommended for maintaining a wax finish. Safe to use on any wood finish! 


An excellent, fast and easy wood finish using Art du Coco Beeswax Paste to produce a natural look and feel on all unfinished wood, is to first apply 2 or more coats of Wood Finishing Oil. Once the final coat of Wood Finishing Oil has been applied to the wood surface and allowed to dry, apply 2 coats of Beeswax Paste with fine steel wool. The end effect is a beautiful silky smooth natural beeswax finish with the added benefits of a clear, all-natural oil finish.


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