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Table Top Wax
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Table Wax (hard wearing table top wax): 

Protect your table and fine wood surfaces, with Art du Coco Table Wax, the original clear hard wearing table top wax developed to give maximum wax protection and durability to table tops. Art du Coco Table Top Wax will protect and ensure daily resistance to dirt and water, while maintaining and enhancing the natural beauty of antiques and fine wood furniture surfaces. Table Wax has natural UV filters that help guard against color and finish degradation. This quality makes it particularly attractive as a Table Top Wax, adding wax protection while preserving the aesthetic integrity of your table top.

Although Art du Coco Table Wax was developed as a high performing Table Top Wax, the inherent performance qualities make table wax desirable for many furniture and wood applications. This is a wonderful wax to use with excellent resistance to water marks, fingerprints and scratches. Table Wax is silicone free, contains no turpentine and will not dry white in wood pores. 

Table Wax produces a beautiful long lasting shine on finished surfaces, however, on unfinished wood surfaces, Table Wax produces a matt finish, which is ideal for unfinished or rustic table tops, when preserving the natural aesthetic is important. And unlike many paste waxes, Table Wax is low odor with a very pleasing fresh scent. 

Art du Coco Table Wax is handmade and poured in small batches to insure high quality. Table Wax has been formulated to apply easily, buff easily and perform amazingly. It works equally well on finished or unfinished wood surfaces and will not affect the natural color of an unfinished wood surface. 

How To Apply Table Wax:

If necessary, clean surface with Wax & Polish Remover prior to waxing. Apply Table Wax [sparingly] with a soft cotton cloth. When applying Table Wax, light wax applications will apply and buff much easier than one heavy coat. Allow the Table Wax to dry for a few minutes and then buff to desired sheen with another soft, clean cloth and/or furniture brush. For maximum wax protection, and to insure a uniform Table Wax finish, we recommend applying two (2) coats of Table Wax™. 

How To Maintain Table Wax:

Maintenance is easy - simply dust and buff with a soft clean cloth. Apply a fresh coat of Table Wax as needed. Or, for daily dusting and a very gentle cleaning between wax applications, we recommend the all-natural furniture polish, Maintenance Wax Patina Protector (see below). Patina Protector, which will gently clean, maintain and preserve your paste wax finish, with NO risk of harming it. 

In Addition: 

Art du Coco Table Wax is quickly becoming the paste wax of choice when caring for and maintaining copper sinks, counter tops, hardware, etc. Table Wax is safe to use on copper surfaces and provides a very durable, long lasting protective wax finish. Table Wax gentle cleans the copper, protects it and preserves luster.


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