How To Consign

Garden Oaks Antiques consignments are approved and accepted on a 90-day agreement (unless otherwise agreed), with a 50/50 split of the sale of your items. We consign antique furniture, used but in good condition furniture, rugs, art, accessories, curious items, and on occasion, a doohickie, whatchamacallit or thingamajig. 

The Process

All items, antique or otherwise, must be submitted for an evaluation, either by submitting photos with a description via email or by bringing the item to the shop for an evaluation. If bringing the item to the shop for an evaluation, please be sure to schedule an appointment ahead of time.

The aesthetic presentation of an item and attention to detail are key to a successful and profitable sale! Therefore all items must be adequately prepared for sale, in good condition and clean, otherwise, they may not be accepted. That said, and for a reasonable fee, we are able to clean, polish, wax, touch-up and make any repairs necessary. 

Garden Oaks Antiques reserves the right to refuse any item that we determine to be unsalable. This may be based on current inventory levels, market demand, asking price, the condition of an item, or past experience with a similar item.